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Snowballing for Literature Search and Analysis

This repository contains the source code for a Technical Guideline (TG).

The final version is available via the DOI above, which points to a versioned DOI, i.e. always the last version of the Technical Guideline.

Github Repo: IPBES_TG_Snowballing



In addition to the typical literature search using search terms, one can conduct a snowballing search, which is searching, starting from a set of identified key-papers, the publications cited in the key papers as well as the publictions citing the key-paper. This search is much more focussed on the topic of the key-papers and provides, as a ind of by-product, the citation network of the papers. Here we will discuss how this can be achieved with code examples and mention some shortcomings and abvantages of this approach. Furthermore, we will outline some analysis approaches and possibilities of a citation network without going into to moch detail

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